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Our Experts

  • Michael Jones (Accounts)

    Michael Jones (Accounts)

    Exp: 18 Years

    I have successfully completed my Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) from CFA institute, Chicago, Illinois.

  • Daniel Vennard (Finance)

    Daniel Vennard (Finance)

    Exp: 16 Years

    I did my Masters in Finance from Stanford University. I did my graduation from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

  • Jonathan Nolan

    Jonathan Nolan

    Exp: 15 Years

    (US Accounting, Law & Taxation) I have done my CFA successfully in the year 2002. I am certified Tax Consultant.

  • Ashleigh Dean

    Ashleigh Dean

    Exp: 30 Years

    (Australian Accounting, law & Taxation ) I have done advanced diploma in Australian Taxation Law.


  • Sophia


    Exp: 10 Years

    (Economics) Masters in Economics with specialization in Macro Economics and Forecasting from California State University.

  • Mark


    Exp: 8 Years

    (Economics) Masters in Economics from University of Texas, Arlington and PHD in economics from Manchester College.

  • Hailey


    Exp: 9 Years

    (Statistics) I completed my Actuarial Science from Indiana University successfully.

  • Laura


    Exp: 19 Years

    (Statistics) I have done Masters in Statistics from Oxford University.


  • Gabriel


    Exp: 9 Years

    (Computer Science) I have completed my masters in computer architecture from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

  • Aidan Alexander

    Aidan Alexander

    Exp: 17 Years

    (Computer Science)I did my computer Science from Stanford University.

  • Madeline


    Exp: 11 Years

    (Management)Graduation in Ohio University and Masters in Management from Boston College, University of North Carolina.

  • Emma Myles

    Emma Myles

    Exp: 7 Years

    (Operations Management)I have done Management (Operations) from Harvard University and Six Sigma Green Belt from British Standard Institute.


  • Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Dallas

    Exp: 9 Years

    (Mathematics)Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University, USA. >

  • Denver Broncos

    Denver Broncos

    Exp: 10 Years

    (Mathematics)Doctor of philosophy in Mathematics from Illinois State University.

  • Breanna


    Exp: 19 Years

    (Mechanical Engineering)I have completed my B.S.M.E. in mechanical engineering as my major from Saginaw Valley State University.

  • Vanessa


    Exp: 20 Years

    (Civil Engineering)I have done my civil engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.


  • Marissa


    Exp: 18 Years

    (Electircal Engineering)I have successfully accomplished Electrical Engineering degree from California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

  • Jason Lee

    Jason Lee

    Exp: 16 Years

    (Chemical Engineering)I have done Chemical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.

  • Robert Sudduth

    Robert Sudduth

    Exp: 20 Years

    (English)I have done Masters in English from University of Cambridge.

  • Bailey


    Exp: 20 Years

    (Biology)I have done PHD from University of Queensland, Australia and Masters in Biotechnology from Northwestern University in Evanston.

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